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128 kbps   17,706   Alternative   MP3
128 kbps   7,700   Gospel   MP3
128 kbps   6,210   House   MP3
128 kbps   3,660   Gospel   MP3
128 kbps   2,942   Alternative   MP3
128 kbps   2,847   Gospel   MP3
128 kbps   2,740   Gospel   MP3
64 kbps   2,633   Easy Listening   MP3
64 kbps   2,360   Pop   AAC
128 kbps   2,360   Classical   MP3
32 kbps   2,304   Sports   MP3
128 kbps   2,216   80s   MP3
96 kbps   1,952   Pop   MP3
64 kbps   1,929   Gospel   AAC